23, Jul 2019
Alluring Medium Hairstyle for your Round Face

When you select the right hairstyle for yourself, you will not only look great but also feel confident about your appearance. It is pertinent that when choosing a hairstyle you identify your face shape. Once you have ascertained you have a round face, know which facial features you want to draw attention away from and those that you want to illuminate on. When choosing a medium length for your round face:

  • Avoid heavy straight bangs and go for bangs with elongated sides.
  • If you have chubby cheeks, stay away from compact sleek haircuts.
  • If you want to attain a slimmer look, consider styles with the volume on top.

Let’s look at several attractive and fascinating hairstyles for your round face with a medium length.

Medium Length Bright Bob

This is an angled bob that is styled with a voluminous side sweep and graduated layers. It is perfect for naturally straight hair and a great finish with razored jagged ends. This bob falls on the shoulders and to make it stand out using bright colors such as a golden blonde or pink.

Medium Silver Layers

Medium straight styles for round faces look so much better when they have layers. This haircut is straight, shoulder-length and looks awesome with choppy or feathered layers. Give it a silver color so as to draw attention to your features and the dark roots make it attractive and sassy.

Curled Long Bob

This haircut is an awesome choice for ladies with naturally wavy hair that has bouncy curls. Your hair is cut to barely touch the shoulders and deep soft bangs swept to the side to slim up your wide cheeks. Adding blonde highlights to your dark hair color makes it sexy and attractive.

Medium Length Curly Updo

The fascinating about giving your hair a medium length haircut is that it leaves the option for an updo. This works great with curly or wavy hair but not to worry you can always give your straight hair wispy curls. When free the hair is slightly below the shoulders and you can choose to have layers or not. Give it a soft side part and hold it back in a low messy bun leaving a few curly strands to fall to the sides of your cheeks.

Classic Layered Haircut

This can be termed as one of the oldest yet successful medium length hairstyles for ladies with the round face shape. It is cut to fall below the shoulders with layers that begin from the chin downwards. The ends of the locks are slightly curled out and a shiny finish makes it timeless and suitable for all ages.

Medium length hairstyles are charming and will give you a powerful bold look to go with your round face. Whichever one of these you choose, you are assured a bold confident and alluring look.