23, Jul 2019
Choppy Medium Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

When your face has a round shape, it has similar length and width and the cheeks appear fuller. To attain a great appearance, you will need a hairstyle that gives your face a slimming effect. Choppy layered cuts look great with almost every face shape therefore if yours is round, look for:

  • One that brings on a slimming illusion;
  • One that adds sharpness to the cheekbones;
  • A style that complements your facial features;
  • A hairstyle that will keep the chubbiness down and smoothen the chin.

Textured and Wavy

This is a medium haircut that is cut to give a texturized and voluminous look. The waves make it stylish and fun. Choppy layers to this hairstyle will give it a glow and it will give your round face a fuller elongated appearance.  The style looks amazing to let free and loose with a middle parting or with a loose messy ponytail with few strands on the side.

Asymmetrical sassy waves

This haircut is shoulder length and has choppy layers concentrated at the back with the length increasing towards the front. The waves make it look sassy and trendy while the longer strands at the front give your round face an illusion of length. You may choose to give it a side parting or a middle parting as long as you leave strands of hair falling freely on the sides of your face for a perfect framing effect.

Textured Lob with Fringe

This beautiful long bob falls on the shoulders and is complemented with a long fringe. The fringe is swept to the side as soon as it hits the forehead to cover the eyebrows of one eye and move aside to fall to cheekbone length. The choppy layers in this medium length hairstyle will make your hair glow. Adding a few highlights if your hair is of dark color will add glamour to this hairstyle. The side-swept long fringe frames the face to give it an elongated look.

Straight Choppy Layers

The hair is cut to barely touch the shoulders with choppy layers and a soft long fringe. This hairstyle looks like a long razored bob with a more defined length line. The style favors ladies with naturally straight hair and the long fringe can be styled in a certain design. This gives a smooth long illusion for your round face.

These hairstyles are simple and will look awesome with your round face. While choosing be sure to consider how they will fit with your eye color and skin tone.