23, Jul 2019
Five Astounding Short Hairstyles

The decision to cut your hair short can never be taken lightly but it is a rather bold move. You need to get a haircut that will give you a look that will make you feel confident about this exceptional choice to chop short your hair. When choosing a short hairstyle, you need to consider a few issues:

  • How short do you want to cut your hair?
  • Is the hairstyle compatible with your natural hair or will you need to manipulate it?
  • Will it fit your eye color and skin tone?
  • Will it look great with your natural hair color or will you need to dye it?

Even with all these in mind, remember to pick a haircut that is within your taste and preference. These five short hairstyles will guarantee you a super awesome look.

Short Bright Bob with Braided Fringe

The back is cut short to the nape with layers of increasing length towards the top. Cutting the layers in a ladder ort wedge style creates a remarkable curved finish. The front is cut a bit longer with a long fringe worked into a beautiful braid that goes on till behind the ear sweeping the loose strands to a neat finish. 

Textured Pixie Bob

This is a layered short style that will give you a sassy look more so with bright colored hair. It is easy to maintain yet classy, cool and comfortable. It reduces the volume of hair and makes one feel light and free. 

A Feathered pompadour

This is a style that brings a classy attractive look that has proven to be timeless. It brings out a retro-cool appearance with sides that are cut short and slicked up to the back to give it a silky finish and firm hold. 

Short Fluffy Pixie

This is a haircut that is meant for ladies who like a clean, low maintenance look. It is endorsed with feathered layers that offer a textured look and showcases a lady’s facial features. It is cut shorter to the back with soft layers and a short side-swept fringe to make it more fluffy and shiny. 

Short Inverted Bob 

This is a short haircut that has graduated layers from the nape of the neck upwards. It favors dark hair and the inverted ends are beautiful and neat. It looks amazing with bright highlights such as blonde for a lavish finish.

Short hairstyles are suitable for all face shapes, eye colors and fit well with most facial features. When choosing a short haircut, have these five awesome and astounding hairstyles in mind.