23, Jul 2019
Short American Hairstyles for Round Faces

A stunning short hairstyle for anyone begins with the selection of the right haircut. A short haircut will look much better if it is more personal and suit all your facial features. When you have a round face it is very tricky to select a short haircut but once you get it right you will look amazing. When choosing a haircut to be sure to consider:

  • Hair color and how much you are willing to change it.
  • What looks good with your natural hair and how much you want to manipulate it?
  • Your eye color and skin tone.
  • How short you are willing to cut your hair.

There are many short hairstyles that will comfortably suit your round face on the site cosmopolitan and others but let’s take a closer look at a few.

Messy Pixie

This haircut adds height and volume to the top of the head and very short sides with soft angular sideburns. It will give an elongating effect to your round face and give you a magnificent facial profile. Soft short bangs will look amazing letting them sweep slightly on your face without really reaching your eyebrows.

Side Parted Bob with Bangs

A bob haircut is friendly to all face shapes and this one will look amazing for a round face. It is cut with soft angular edges with a length barely touching the shoulders. Asymmetrical soft bangs that increase in length from the side part are swept to the side as they get longer. You may choose to tuck the side with the part behind the ears for an executive look. The cascaded bangs give your round face an elongating effect like here.

Middle Parted Long Bob

This haircut will look super cute on your round face. The hair is cut longer than the chin and given a distinctive middle part. The edges are cut soft and angular and you may choose to let it flow freely or hold a few strands on one side to the back with a bobby pin. This hairstyle creates an illusion of length and draws attention to your jawline for a wow look.

Side Swept Long Pixie

This pixie-like any other has short cuts on the temples and nape but the hair at the top is cut long as well as long bangs. Sweep the bangs across your forehead to one side to attain an illusion of elongated face shape.  The longer hair at the top creates a voluminous tousle giving your round face an amazing well-balanced look.

Side Part Wavy Bob

This is a haircut that is very friendly to ladies with naturally wavy hair. The hair is cut single length to the shoulders. Give it a side part that makes one side look like it has layers and tuck the other side behind your ears. The waves will fall beautifully on one side of your face and will look loose and free. This style also works awesome for curly hair and you can always add waves to your straight hair using big rollers.

You can be assured that with the right selection you will look great with a short hairstyle that fits your round face. You can always look for a link to more sites with American hairstyles to get variety before you make your choice.