23, Jul 2019
Trendy Hairstyle Made to Suit a Round Face

When you have already determined that your face is round, you should be seeking a hairstyle that will frame your face and enhance your facial features. Women with round faces have two options in mind when choosing a hairstyle, creating a slimming effect or celebrating the fullness of their round face.

Trendy hairstyles come in different lengths for you to choose the one that suits your preference best:

  • Short hairstyles;
  • Medium length;
  • Asymmetrical lengths;
  • Long lengths.

These are some of the trendy hairstyles that are made to suit round faces and will look great with any skin tone and eye color:

Layered Textured Pixie

This pixie has short sides and back and hair at the top is cut longer with layers. A long bang that falls on the face and side-swept before touching the eyebrows makes it look sophisticated. Feel free to brighten your look with highlights on the top layers and bangs.

Side Swept Bob with Bangs

This is a single length bob with side-swept long bangs. The hair’s length is about to your chin and the bangs which are swept to the side to slightly cover the corner of your eye and flow to the cheekbone. You may choose to have this bob inverted or with smooth angular edges. Golden blonde color is best for this hairstyle with a few dark roots.

 Asymmetrical Straight Bob

This sleek look is side-parted and the side with the part can be tucked behind the ear while the other side is combed down really close to the eye. Straightening your hair with a flat iron will give this style a smooth sleek look. It gives your round face an elongated and smart look and although it will require a bit of maintenance, the result is worth it.

Long Side Parted Waves

This hairstyle is for women who prefer longer hair. Make a side part that moves diagonally towards the center top and allow your long hair to fall to one side holding the other side back with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is best for naturally wavy hair more so with darker hair color. For the best results, you can dye the edges and tips of your hair with a brighter color but not too bright.

Thick Messy Pony

Ladies who like length with their hair can try this wonderful hairstyle. It will work okay with either medium-length or long hair. The ponytail is center-parted as opposed to pulled straight back so as to give it thickness and texture. Leave some strands loose to fall on either side of the face so as to soften the angles of your round face.

When choosing a trendy hairstyle for yourself, always have in mind that you need one that will suit you best. You can always look for a hairstyle that has been used before by ladies with similar features to be sure. If your face is round, one of these styles is assured to give you a wow look.