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20, Oct 2019
Will A Bob Look Good On A Round Face?

The bob hairstyle is classy, cool and chic by many people. This kind of hairstyle can never be out of fashion in the glamour world. Some of the features of the bob always remain trendy. It is essential to consider the shape of the face before selecting a suitable bob.

The below information can help to find the most suitable bob according to the shape of the face. Whether the short bob for round faces, like on this source, is suitable or not can ascertained by this.

Significant Bobs Based On Face Shape

Round Face

The round face looks rounder with a haircut until the chin as this encases the head like a helmet. The most suitable bobs for the round faces are long bobs. This can have long, side-swept bangs or this can be skipped. The side-swept bangs add angles to the soft features. This clarifies the fact that does a bob look good on a round face?

round face

Square Face

The graduated bob looks beautiful with a square face. These bobs are shorter in back, longer in front. The best bob will hit an inch or two below the jaw. Square faces have strong and super jaws. Hence, this is a better option.

Heart-shaped face

Long bobs are quite flattering to this shape of the face. The long bobs are the most suitable hairstyle for this kind of face shape. It is heavy at the chin and balances the amazing cheeks with the pointed chin the classic features of a heart-shaped face. The ends need some tapering and side-swept bangs are gorgeous on this kind of face.

Long And Oval Face Shapes

This kind of face look better with a sophisticated bob. The angles of the face show off the strong jaw. The long layers can add some free movement. The bob does not look too boxy or helmet-like. This can be added with layers cut in at the eyes and cheeks.

Long Faces

The A-line long bob suits this kind of face. The uber-trendy long bob can be considering for this face shape. This looks quite flattering on a long face. The long bob with a bit of wave gives an easy and versatile look. This bob should end just below the jaw. It can show off the bone structure.


The bobs can give a better look on round faces. Bobs for round face provide an elegant look to the face.